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Stanley L. Stiver: About

About · 24. September 2007, 06:21

The site celebrates the life and ministry of my father.

For a number of years, I thought about creating a site that blended the story of my father’s life with his community and collecting activities. Hopefully this captures some of the spirit as well as many of the actions and accomplishments of Stanley L. Stiver.
San Francisco

— David Stiver



I am grateful to be Stanley Stiver’s daughter in law. When I married David, Stanley and Jane’s younger son, I felt their love as they welcomed me into the family. I feel so lucky not only because of my wonderful husband but also because of Stanley’s sensitivity and kindness that I have experienced over the years. In good times and in times of difficulty, David and I have felt Stanley’s presence always with us. When David began to document Stanley’s cross collection I became aware of the magnificent relationship he shares with his father. I know Stanley as a father and for this I am extremely grateful.

Lynn O'Connor Stiver · Mon Sep 24, 09:50 AM · #

Pastor Stanley Stiver, along with my grandmother Eva Sigmon, were the two most influential people in my younger life. Pastor Stiver was like a father to me, never having had a father. He baptized me, confirmed me, married my husband Butch and me, and baptized our two children, Kara and Laine. I grew up with him. Under his guidance, my two brothers and I (Jeff and Michael) were very actively involved in our church’s youth activities (St. Mark’s Lutheran Church). We were proud of the fact that we had perfect attendance in Sunday School through our 12th grade years. We loved Pastor Stiver and all the love and support he gave us in return. He was our family. He will always be a very important part of my life and I thank him for the many wonderful memories he gave me during my first 30 years of life with him as my Pastor. There will be no other to replace him. I miss him tremendously!

Dianna (Wheeler) Cloninger · Wed Oct 10, 01:09 PM · #

I must say that I feel very honored to have been baptised by pastor Stiver. I really miss his sermons. There have been great speakers throughout time(Kennedy, King, Lincoln, Reagan,etc) but I must say I have never heard any speaker that can touch your heart like Rev.Stiver.So pastor Stiver I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jody Carpenter · Mon Aug 25, 09:32 AM · #

I am blessed to have been a St. Mark (Wheeling) kid in the 1950’s. My vivid memories include Rev Stiver in costume delivering sermons in character. Several years ago when he and Jane visited Wheeling as part of a St Mark anniversary celebration, he astonished us all after dinner by standing at the front of the room and table-by-table, shared a personal memory about every single person attending. There were nearly 100 people there. I don’t remember the date, but I expect it was close to 50 years since he left St. Mark Wheeling to take the call at St. Mark’s Claremont. I say he remembered everyone… but when he came to my husband Mark… who is originally from out-of-town… he stopped, and looked… and said “I don’t know you!” And it’s true; they had never met. But Mark is sure that had they met again, that incident would have been recollected.

The earth has lost a treasure that is Heaven’s gain.

Joan Elizabeth Stein Fulton · Thu May 19, 06:37 PM · #

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Rev. Stiver. His aunt, Alice Stiver Walker, was my grandmother. I remember visiting his parents, Stanley Sr. and Alta, down on Sunshine as well as Lillian on Dignan and Frances in Lowellville when I was little. Rev. Stanley’s Christmas letters about his ministry were always so interesting. It was many years ago, but I still look back on it very fondly. Thank you for putting together a wonderful biography!

Claudia Brown, Hubbard, OH · Mon Jul 18, 04:05 AM · #

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